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My new novel titled "Amygdala" is on sale on Amazon, both in e-book and paperback format. If you have subscribed to Kindle Unlimited, you get to read my novel for free. Please visit:     

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To give you a little introduction, Amygdala is an almond-shaped cluster in the brain responsible for triggering emotional stimuli, especially when faced with fear and threat. It is part of the brain's limbic system that initiates a fight or flight response, and recent researches have shown that it also plays a significant role in social interactions.     

Also, have you ever experienced a feeling of someone staring at you even though the person staring at you is not in your line of vision? Picture this: You’re sitting on a nearly empty subway car at night, engrossed in your book. All of a sudden, your neck begins to stiffen and tense, and a tingling sensation begins to spread — and you can’t explain how you know, but you just know that it’s because of someone else’s gaze. You look up and, sure enough, someone across the car is looking right at you. Your eyes meet briefly, then you look away, slightly spooked. Researchers have concluded that the Amygdala in your brain is responsible for making you aware of the stare.      

The plot in the novel revolves around a family's much-anticipated time off that took a steep turn to become the most harrowing experience filled with uncertainty, guilt, and deadly encounters. The amygdala triggers the feeling of being stared at, causing an ordinary dad to respond with a fight and flight reaction that eventually climaxes into a series of unexpected turn of events.       

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