From the recording Heart of a Child

If you are feeling down, lonely or lost, this song would cheer you up. There's light at the end of the rough road that you on now.


Verse 1:
Are you feeling everything is lost
Is your day being dim and gray
Have you ever been distraught and lone
There never seems a light at end

Cheer up, c'mon & light up
Your gonna break a leg and hit a home run

Oh o..
There's a light that shines
Every single step you take forth -
The light gets bigger & brighter
There's a light at the end of the road
And a hope that will carry you home

Verse 2:
Our life is full of ups and downs
Your low would soon be gone
As you wait in this hope and faith
There sure is a light at end

Read John 16:33
You gotta claim it and hop to cloud 9!