My review of the CME Hricane Tenor 26 inch Professional Mahogany Hawaiian Ukulele. It produces amazing sounds and do not miss the musical piece towards the end of the video. The leads were played using this uke.

Tamil version of the popular hymn, "What can wash away my sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus!"

Tamil Lyrics:

1. பாவ தோஷம் நீக்கிட, மீட்பரின் இரத்தம் தானே!
தீயகுணம் மாறிட, மீட்பரின் இரத்தம் தானே!

பல்லவி :

மெய்யாம் ஜீவநதியே! பாவம் போக்கும் நதியே
வேறே நதியை அறியேன்! மீட்பரின் இரத்தம் தானே

2. என்னைச் சுத்தமாக்கிட! மீட்பரின் இரத்தம் தானே!
மன்னிப்பை நான் பெற்றிட! மீட்பரின் இரத்தம் தானே!

I have the tabs for this in -

This is a little unconventional version of the usual hymn (I have decided to follow Jesus). The tune remains the same but the chord progression makes it sound a little better. Timing is key. A word of caution though - If you play these chords at the wrong place, it is going to sound horrible. Hopefully the video is clear enough.

Manampuriya is an award-winning 2016 short film for which John Manoah composed the background score. The movie won the best story at the Pondicherry Film Fest 2017.

However rough your situation might be, hang on, there's light at the end of the rough road you are treading.

Holy communion song. It is not because you (Christ) should and it is not because you could.

"All you (Christ) ever thought of, in your dying moments, was me"