My ukulele tutorial on how to play simple basic chords using just one finger

The Vivarium is full of reptiles and other scary creatures. I wanted to "give the chills" with the background score as viewers watch the video. Please let me know if you "got the chills" in the comments section.

Please visit GV Zoo. Its a fun place to be.

 Location: GV Zoo at 5048 264th Street in Aldergrove BC. 


Feathery friends at the Greater Vancouver Zoo, Abbotsford, BC. I matched the style of the peacock's head movements to a bass player and hence the background score hero'ing the bass guitar!

It was a pretty crowded day at Vanaqua yet managed to get some close shots of our oceanic friends on my 4K camera. The fish really inspired me to compose the background score.

The Vancouver Aquarium is a not-for-profit organization solely run on donations. Its impressive how well it is maintained and the staff are impeccable darlings. Please do your bit by visiting once in a while to honour the hard work and dedication of the team and to help conserve the animal kingdom.

My review of the CME Hricane Tenor 26 inch Professional Mahogany Hawaiian Ukulele. It produces amazing sounds and do not miss the musical piece towards the end of the video. The leads were played using this uke.

Tamil version of the popular hymn, "What can wash away my sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus!"

Tamil Lyrics:

1. பாவ தோஷம் நீக்கிட, மீட்பரின் இரத்தம் தானே!
தீயகுணம் மாறிட, மீட்பரின் இரத்தம் தானே!

பல்லவி :

மெய்யாம் ஜீவநதியே! பாவம் போக்கும் நதியே
வேறே நதியை அறியேன்! மீட்பரின் இரத்தம் தானே

2. என்னைச் சுத்தமாக்கிட! மீட்பரின் இரத்தம் தானே!
மன்னிப்பை நான் பெற்றிட! மீட்பரின் இரத்தம் தானே!