My latest single, "En thunba nerathil" is now available on all major streaming services.

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My latest Tamil single titled "Paadhai theriya aattai pola" which translates to "Sheep gone astray". This is a song of redemption and restoration.

Album, "In times of despair..."  is aimed to be a consolation to the listeners especially during these difficult times when a pandemic has swept the globe of its feet. All songs are written and performed to be a source of comfort for those in panic, fear, doubt and depression.

The Bible says in John 16-33, “In this world there is trouble. But take heart, for I have overcome the world”.

Philippians 4-13 says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” So take heart, God will never let you down.

Happy to partner with Jatinder Kahlon Singh to compose the background music for his song "Bapu Ji" dedicated to all the  greatest fathers of the world. 

With the introduction of the ROLI Seaboard, the question now is which one should I buy - the Keyboard or the Seaboard? I use both of them in my studio and based on the context, choose to play on the keyboard or the Seaboard.

To demonstrate this, I plugged in the keyboard to track 1 and the seaboard to track 2 and played the same instrument in two different tracks for you to compare.

The verdict: I love the Seaboard, but I don't think it can completely substitute a keyboard (at least for now - it's my opinion, I may be wrong too). But the Seaboard is a different class altogether. It definitely complements a keyboard very well. I would prefer to have both.